Watch our new ad detailing Collins’ corruption.

Susan Collins is a corrupt politician who is padding her own pockets at taxpayers’ expense. According to a devastating new report, Collins repeatedly used her office to benefit her husband’s business. The revelations have already prompted an independent ethics watchdog to call for an investigation into Collins’ corrupt behavior.

Collins’ husband’s business received millions of dollars in government contracts from agencies Collins oversaw. Collins fought to give government contractors like her husband a special tax cut, and even tried to shield them from disclosing campaign contributions. While Collins was using her office to benefit her husband’s business, her own personal net worth rose by millions.

Collins has clearly been in Washington too long, and Mainers are fed up with self-dealing politicians using their positions to line their own pockets.

Collins wants Maine voters to think she’s with them – but her record of handouts to the same billionaires and corporations that are funding her campaign says otherwise.