Maine’s senior senator pretends to be a moderate, but her record undermines her rhetoric. The truth? She’s deeply in the pocket of Washington special interests.

In total, Collins has raised over $500,000 from powerful special interests in Washington so far this year alone. Over the course of her career, that number is almost $10 million.

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Last fundraising quarter, Collins raised THREE TIMES the amount of money from Wall Street and finance interests than she did from Mainers.

$ 10000

The quarter before, she raised more money from Texas fossil fuel interests than from her home state.

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Meanwhile, less than 5% of the campaign cash she’s raised this year comes from Maine.

Collins is also pulling in thousands of dollars from extreme right-wing figures, like the founder of Breitbart and key backers of Brett Kavanaugh.

Collins wants Maine voters to think she’s with them – but her record of handouts to the same billionaires and corporations that are funding her campaign says otherwise.